Monday, March 18, 2013

Celebratory dinner at Abruzzi

Celebration of my internship offer carried on over the weekend when my best friend Lauren came to visit. It was actually a double celebration because she just found out that she has an interview with a midwifery program at one of the hospitals that I will be working in for my internship! I'm so proud of her, and also really stoked at the possibility of being in the same city as her again.

To celebrate we made 8 pm reservations at Abruzzi, a downtown restaurant that has received stellar reviews amongst local food critics. I've been wanting to go for ages, so I was really excited to finally go. Also I was excited for an excuse to put on a dress and heels for the first time in ages.

The restaurant was packed when we arrived, thanks to its proximity to the London World Figure Skating Championships that have been going on this week. It took a few minutes to get our table, but once we were seated things went smoothly.

When it came to choosing my wine I had a bit of trouble because there were only a few reds offered by the glass, and many of them were Italian wines which I'm not familiar with. I decided to take a chance and get the Castelgreve 2010 chianti, which was okay.

We were brought out some bread, which I was really thankful for because it was around 8:30 and I was starving! It came with a really flavourful olive oil for dipping.

For my entree I was debating between a few dishes, so I asked our server Andrew for his opinion and he told me to go with the trout. It came over potato gnocchi with Brussels sprouts, cherry tomatoes, fennel, and pecorino cream. I have only one complaint about this dish: the trout was slightly overcooked. But it was otherwise a perfect meal. The gnocchi was one of the best I've ever eaten and the drizzle of pecorino cream gave it amazing flavour without making it too rich.

I was also really impressed by their service. Despite how busy it was, the co-owner Rob found still found time to make rounds to our table on more than one occasion and he even chased us out the door as we were leaving to say goodbye! Our server, Andrew, also deserves a big shout out for being so friendly and attentive.

Thanks Abruzzi for making our celebratory dinner even more special! I will definitely be back.

Bread: do you prefer it with olive oil, vinegar & olive oil, or butter? 

How do you like to celebrate good news?

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  1. You look so pretty all dressed up! :) Sounds like a fun night out & the food looks good!
    I prefer my bread with a little bit olive oil & spices. Mmm.

  2. That dress looks awesome on you Chelsea! Abruzzi sounds like a great restaurant- good food AND good service is always a win in my books! As much as I enjoy bread with olive oil and vinegar, I still stand partial to bread with good ol''s a classic!

    As for celebrating good news, we are definitely on the same page. To me it means a night out with good friend(s), a couple of drinks and of course yummy food. And it totally calls for going to a restaurant which I wouldn't go on a normal basis...makes the night feel all the more special and deserved!

  3. I am a butter girl all the way. I actually just really don't like the taste of olive oil. What a fun way to celebrate!

  4. So while your dinner looks pretty good, you look pretty damn fantastic! :-D

    I've never been to Abruzzi, but you make me want to try it! I seriously love gnocchi...I really need to try and make a homemade version one day.

    And I am all about fancy dinners to celebrate news. I'm pretty that's my first reaction whenever something big happens in my life: "ok! Where are we having the celebratory dinner?" Pretty much can't go wrong with food as celebration :-D

    I love olive oil and balsamic with my bread, but I wouldn't say no to butter either!

  5. You look fantastic, Chelsea, and congratulations again! Good food and good company is definitely a great way to celebrate good news :)

    I have to admit that I'm a complete nooblet when it comes to picking out wine. I'm not much of a drinker, and to be completely honest I can't really tell a "good" wine from a "bad" one so I always have to have someone advise me. As for bread, my favorite way to enjoy it is definitely with butter. I'm not actually the biggest fan of olive oil, although a flavored one sounds interesting!

  6. You are looking quite gorgeous in that dress, seriously so flattering on you! If I had been as hungry as you were when that olive oil and bread came... oh lawd, nothing would have stood in my way haha. So my answer to your first question is definitely olive oil only!
    Too bad the trout was slightly overcooked, but it sounds like the other parts of the dish made up for it... mmm gnocchi. <-- weirdest word to spell ever.

  7. CONGRATS again! And OMG I love that dress - so hot!! Italian restaurants are my fave - especially because they bring out bread, and I totally prefer it with dipping oil!

  8. I LOVE your dress! And I would seriously love to go to dinner with you someday because you always order the most delicious food! Seriously you are a such a foodie...its awesome!

  9. I am so happy you asked about the bread! I was going to comment on how I love when a restaurant is still awesome and brings out the complimentary bread. I love it with olive oil or oil and vinegar :D This restaurant sounds amazing and so welcoming! And your dress girl- So cute!

  10. LOVE your dress - super cute, so pretty! Gnocchi is one of my favorite things to order at an Italian restaurant and I'm always disappointed when it's not done right... Paired with fish, that sounds delic!

  11. your dress is so gorgeous!! i like bread with olive oil and vinegar!

  12. BEAUTIFUL dress, Chelsea! Your dinner at Abruzzi sounds (and looks!) like it was a perfect way to spend a much deserved celebratory evening! I'm so glad Lauren was able to join you, too--I'll be crossing my fingers that you end up working at the same hospital!

    I love trout, and I LOVE gnocchi, so your meal is calling my name. I'm not usually able to eat the bread when I go out to dinner (darn gluten), but occasionally a restaurant will bring a GF option, which always makes me SO happy. When that happens (or when I'm eating at home), I prefer mine with olive oil and garlic. However, nothing beats a spread of butter every now and then, too!

    Congrats again on the internship! <3

  13. Girl, you look absolutely STUNNING! I love that dress on you! The dinner sounds how the staff was so attentive! And I would have been all over that gnocchi! Love it!

    I love bread dipped in flavored much so that when they bring it to the table, I usually end up filling up on it before my entree even makes it out! Lol

    I'm definitely a dinner out celebrator! Nothing like good news and good food! :D