Thursday, August 16, 2012

Boston: Day 2

Hey everyone! Today has been the most amazing day. We shopped, we ate, we shopped some more, and then we ate some more! Sounds pretty perfect, no?

Meg and I were both wide awake at 6:15 am, despite not getting to bed until midnight. I know - we're kind of weird. Eventually we went downstairs to use the hotel microwave for our breakfasts. I packed a pre-portioned Ziploc bag of oats + cinnamon + chia seeds, which made it super easy to make oatmeal! Back in the room I added a banana, blueberries, a splash of almond milk, soy nut butter and granola. Delicious, and so much cheaper than the hotel restaurant's bowl of steel cut oatmeal for $9.50!

Originally we were planning on working out, but neither of us were feeling like it, so instead we just got ready and left the hotel room shortly after 8 am. We decided to walk to Harvard Square and took a gorgeous 25 minute route along the river. Of course we had to stop for Starbucks along the way too!

When we got to Harvard Square we immediately got down to exploring. We poked around some gift shops, clothing stores, food markets, and of course scoped out some restaurant menus. One that really stood out to us was Tory Row, so we popped back there at 11:30 when we both started getting hungry for lunch.

I wanted to order so many things on the menu! The sweet potato flatbread, the black bean burger with jalapeno aioli, the heirloom tomato and burrata salad... but when our waiter recommended the kale salad, I knew I had to get that. It was made with both raw and roasted kale with ground almonds, red onions, pecorino shavings, and a caesar-salad type dressing. It was out of this world delicious! Meg and I could not stop raving about it. I bet it would convert even the biggest kale-hater into a fan!

To go with my salad I also got the hummus plate for myself and totally polished it off other than a few pieces of bread. I was stuffed after this, but it was worth it - their homemade hummus was awesome!

Tory Row on Urbanspoon

After an afternoon of shopping at Cambridgeside Galleria and some major credit card damage, we headed out to dinner at Market by Jean-Georges in the W Hotel, which was recommended to me by a friend and former blogger Natalie. We thought it would be a short walk, but it was a hike and a half! It took some power walking and some directions from strangers, but we eventually made it there sweaty and 15 minutes late for our reservation.

I had the hardest time deciding what to get because so many options sounded good! But I eventually decided on two dishes I felt were pretty unique and would showcase the chef's talent. The first was the tuna tartare with avocado, spicy radish and ginger dressing. This was so amazing - I'd never eaten anything like it before! Our waiter even made fun of me for practically licking the plate clean.

The second dish I got was the steamed shrimp salad with tender greens, avocado, and champagne vinaigrette. I loved this dish just as much as the first! It was hands down the best shrimp I ever tasted - and the warm dressing was so creamy and flavourful.

Combined, these were pretty filling but obviously I also had some bread! When have I ever passed up the bread basket?

Market by Jean-Georges (W Hotel) on Urbanspoon

Afterwards we went to the first blogger event of the weekend: a meet up to get fro yo at J.P. Licks! I got to meet and chat with so many bloggers, which was awesome. What was not-so-awesome is that J.P. Licks isn't safe for my nut allergies, so Meg and I hit up Pinkberry instead.

I got the original flavour with blueberries, raspberries, coconut, and chocolate shavings. Then we walked back to join everyone else outside J.P. Licks. I tried to take a picture, but I kind of suck at taking pictures of people. Luckily I'm good at taking pictures of food!

We walked back to the hotel after this and called it a night - I think everyone was pretty tired from travelling and walking today. I know I am, so I'm hitting the hay now. Good night!

When you travel, do you plan what restaurants you want to visit or do you wing it?

Do you like to spend your time shopping or sight-seeing when you travel?


  1. Looks like a blast! Love the looks of that froyo too ;)

  2. I can’t ever pass up the bread basket either - especially when it’s still warm and/or comes with stuff to dip!:-D it sounds like you two really did have the perfect day - walking, shopping, and eating, I mean it kinda doesn’t get any better than that! Harvard Square is a MUST - so is Quincy Market if you guys get more free time!

  3. I LOVE Tory Row!! Great choice for lunch!! It sounds like you two had an awesome day (how can you beat food and shopping?!)

  4. Mmmm such good food you are enjoying and I agree with Stephanie, that is such a good choice for lunch! I haven't been there in ages, but I appreciate being reminded of its awesomeness :) See you later today girl!

  5. Yumm!! What a grean day! See you tomorrow! :D

  6. Sounds like you are having a blast in Boston!! I love Harvard Square! Actually I just love all of Boston. If you get a chance you should go to quincy market!

  7. Sounds like an awesome time! I love homemade hummus - amazing.

    When I travel I love sightseeing AND shopping, so I try to dedicate a day to each.

  8. Wow, what an amazing time! I'm glad you're living it up. It's such a great idea to pre-portion your oatmeal, like one of those microwave packs. I'm doing that the next time I travel :)

  9. Sounds like you guys are having a fantastic time, and enjoying some delicious foods! :)

  10. yay !! so glad you enjoyed market by jean georges (and had fun at HLS in general - wish i coulda been out in boston/cambridge when you were but it looks like you hit up all the good places! isnt berryline awesome? in the fall they have this amazing apple cinnamon and pumpkin spice frozen yogurt... also lavender honey in the spring!)